Utopia Ibiza launch brand new West Coast Explorer private charter cruise.


3 hour Private boat, free drinks, sound system paddle surf, snorkel 40€ per person


Picture the scene: you’re lazing atop the sun-dappled deck of a sailboat, the glimmer is making your skin tingle and the sound of crystal-clear waves lapping against the hull is lulling you into a hazy daze. You’re floating off the coast of Ibiza, the dullness of reality a distant memory. This is Utopia Ibiza’s West Coast Explorer, and you’ve just been catapulted straight to paradise.


Launching for the very first time in summer 2019, Utopia Ibiza’s private charter will set any day from 2-5pm or 6-9pm , promising to be an altogether different kind of cruise. Designed to showcase the dazzling beauty of Ibiza’s stunning shoreline, this is the kind of seafaring perfection guaranteed to make you see the White Isle in an entirely new light.


You’ll spend four blissful hours atop the unrivalled blue waters of the Med, diving into secret nooks and coves, and hopping between some of the island’s most well-known landmarks and isolated stretches of abandoned beach. You’ll sail past Es Vedrà, the natural monument always spectacularly silhouetted by Ibiza’s famous sunset; you’ll skirt round Conejera, an off-coast island dominating the White Isle seascape; and you’ll explore Margaritas, a majestic rock formation typical of the Balearics.

The good news is that there’ll be leisurely swim-stops allowing plenty of time for you to sit and soak up all the magic, or to dive head first into activities like paddle surfing, snorkelling or adrenalin-fuelled donut rides. In addition, the cruise is suitable for all ages, so friends, family and young ones are all welcome to clamber aboard to enjoy the tropical-themed trappings on deck.


Adult tickets are priced at 40€; kids tickets cost 20€.


A chance to delve into a side of Ibiza you may not have seen before, the West Coast Explorer is all about laid-back luau vibes, sunny Balearic beats and a chance to spend a spellbinding afternoon in the sunshine, in the company of your nearest and dearest. It’s days like these that create memories to last a lifetime.